Free Tools and Calculators are proud to provide a number of calculators as a companion to our free E-Book. We provide a free-space path loss calculator, Fresnel zones calculator, and a link budget calculator. All tools are pre-populated with common frequency and radio/antenna choices.


Path Loss Calculator

Our free Free-Space Path Loss Calculator can help you understand the effective loss of signal strength over distance.

Fresnel Zone Calculator

Our free Fresnel Zone Calculator helps you visualize Fresnel Zone sizes over distance, and how much clearance over terrain you need for a given wireless link.

Link Budget Calculator

Our free Link Budget Calculator helps you combine path loss with a device's data-sheet, to provide a prediction of the strength of a wireless link, assuming line-of-sight and Fresnel zones are clear.

Maximum Range Calculator

Our free Maximum Range Calculator answers the common question "how far can this equipment reach?" Give it radio/antenna details, and desired RSSI and it reverses the path-loss formula for you to determine maximum range.

Antenna Pattern Explorer

Our free Antenna Pattern Explorer helps you visualize an antenna pattern, and what it means for coverage. Not all antennas are made equal - this tool helps you understand the differences.

Visibility View-Shed Generator

Our free Visibility View-Shed Generator calculates in real-time what you can see from your tower location.