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Wisptools.net's RF Planner service takes away the tedium of designing your wireless network, and makes industry best-practices only a mouse-click away. Whether you have one tower or a hundred, we can help you plan your WISP network for success.

Need convincing that we offer best-in-class Radio Frequency planning for your network? You can sign-up for a risk-free trial, or read the feature showcase. We're always adding new data-sets and functionality, so check-back regularly to see what we've been up to!

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Feature Showcase

There really are too many features to cram into a single showcase. Sign up for a free account to see all of the features in action.

World-wide data sets

We have over 700 gigabytes of terrain and land-cover data available for your use. SRTM1, SRTM3, SRTM 1/3, and land-cover databases cover the majority of the planet.

Accurate Placement

Start with an address, and drag your tower onto its precise location on satellite maps. We'll show you information about the area surrounding the tower: never guess a location again.

Fast Rendering

We can render a typical two tower scenario in under a minute at medium detail. Select the level of detail you want: quick and dirty, or presentation-ready. You can continue to use the site while your maps render in the background.

Google Earth

Export your data to Google Earth, and investigate it in three dimensions. Take advantage of Google Earth Pro's demographic information, and obstructions to your links.

Accurate Coverage

We've tested 900 Mhz, 2.4 Ghz, 5.8 ghz and 24 Ghz until expectations match reality. Our unique algorithms combine line-of-sight with ITMv2 to provide coverage maps you can count on.

Easy Data Entry

Data-entry sucks, so we've added convenience features such as a database of common radios, the ability to rapidly clone existing build-outs, and helpful unit conversion features.

One-Click Site Survey

Click anywhere on your map, and instantly determine if you can reach a site. We'll even look up the address for you. On mobile, you can use your device's GPS to prequalify your current location. Ideal for visiting potential customers!

Lead Assessment

Select a customer location (by address, clicking, or entering lat/lon) and instantly get a list of potential radios, ranked by likelihood of success. Drill-down to see why a link may or may not work. Reduce your site-survey burden.

Promote Your WISP

Setup your WISP profile, and we will welcome you on our front page - and include you in our WISP Directory. Setup a scenario with your towers and coverage, and we'll funnel leads to you through our Find Service feature.

Built by a WISP - For Other WISPs

We use this tool every day in our WISP operations, and primarily built it so that other WISPs can benefit from our tools. We understand the WISP industry, and seek to grow together with other WISPs.

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