RF Planner Change Log

RevisionDateWhat Changed?
r33496/4/2015Initial WISP Directory functionality on main site. Directory listing and map. More to come.
r33476/4/2015Update log is now public, on the RF plan index page.
r33466/3/2015Switch Braintree Payments modules to production mode, for beta-server testing. Merged in Google Analytics enhancements to show how far users are getting through the signup wizard. Merged a hotfix that should reduce system load after a computer in the Ukraine decided to send us millions of badly formed websocket conections, presumably to see what would happen. Merged a fix for a crash when landcover data is invalid (bad file in part of Brazil)
r33456/2/2015First pass on replacing PayPal with Braintree Payments. Pushed to beta server in "sandbox" mode.
r33445/27/2015Fix for an issue that could result in an invalid 'null' crashing the user interface after ALL towers are deleted in an account.
r33435/27/2015Update the e-book graphic icon.
r33425/27/2015Update the articles graphic icon.
r33415/27/2015New graphics for the front carousel.
r33405/27/2015Internet Explorer compatibility updates.
r33395/26/2015You can now click anywhere on a map and see height/landcover/RSSI estimates in an info window. This finishes the 'legend' functionality.
r33365/26/2015Prequalify now correctly alerts the user when there is a problem, such as no towers with an appropriate radius to offer service to the selected area.
r33355/26/2015Legend correctly renders on the main 'dashboard' page of RF Planner.
r33345/26/2015PTMP and PTP antennas are sorted in their respective drop-down lists.
r33335/25/2015Initial 'show legend' code commit, legends on the scenario page.
r33305/21/2015Added Apple Touch icons, since a lot of people appear to be bookmarking on a tablet.
r33295/21/2015Final PayPal code commit after testing, site soft-launched.