Welcome to the future of RF Planning

wisptools.net's RF Planner service takes away the tedium of designing your wireless network, and makes industry best-practices only a mouse-click away. Whether you have one tower or a hundred, we can help you plan your WISP network for success. There's nothing to install on your computer: our servers do all the hard work.

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We're regularly updating the system. Take a look at the Change Log to see what's new.

World-wide data sets

We have over 700 gigabytes of terrain and land-cover data available for your use. SRTM1, SRTM3, SRTM 1/3, and land-cover databases cover the majority of the planet.

Accurate Placement

Start with an address, and drag your tower onto its precise location on satellite maps. We'll show you information about the area surrounding the tower: never guess a location again.

Fast Rendering

We can render a typical two tower scenario in under a minute at medium detail. Select the level of detail you want: quick and dirty, or presentation/customer/investor-ready.