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Link Ubiquiti PowerBeam/NanoBeam/AC UNII-1/2 activation process

Author: Herbert Wolverson, Posted: Monday, 06-01-15

After a VERY long wait, Ubiquiti have finally made some headway on UNII-1 and DFS approvals for their newer products. They aren\\\'t finalized yet, but you can pre-order labels and activation codes from their site at

DFS NanoBeam PowerBeam Rocket AC Ubiquiti UNII-1

Link Radio Shootout, Part 2: Ubiquiti vs. Mikrotik vs. Mimosa, multiple devices

Author: Herbert Wolverson, Posted: Monday, 04-20-15

Ubiquiti community stalwart eejim has posted the second part of his radio shootout. In this part, he compares the performance of Ubiquiti, Mikrotik and Mimosa AC devices head-to-head, with simulated interference. Ubiquiti once again come out on top.

Mikrotik Mimosa Performance Rocket AC Ubiquiti UBNT