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Link Radio Shootout, Part 2: Ubiquiti vs. Mikrotik vs. Mimosa, multiple devices

Author: Herbert Wolverson, Posted: Monday, 04-20-15

Ubiquiti community stalwart eejim has posted the second part of his radio shootout. In this part, he compares the performance of Ubiquiti, Mikrotik and Mimosa AC devices head-to-head, with simulated interference. Ubiquiti once again come out on top.

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E-Book Section Chapter 2: Channel Widths

Author: Herbert Wolverson, Posted: Tuesday, 04-14-15

Once you have selected a base frequency range, you need to pick a “channel width.” Typically for Ubiquiti and Mikrotik equipment, these are available as 5mhz, 10mhz, 20mhz, 30mhz and 40mhz. With the advent of 802.11ac based equipment, even larger channel widths (up to 80 mhz) are becoming available. Channel width is a trade-off, and should be carefully considered.


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E-Book Section Chapter 2, Spectrum Bands: Licensed vs. Unlicensed

Author: Herbert Wolverson, Posted: Tuesday, 04-14-15

This chapter discusses some of the more common spectrum bands available for use by a WISP, and their relative advantages and disadvantages. The majority of WISPs operate in what is called “unlicensed spectrum”; that is, spectrum that is made freely available by their country\\\'s regulatory bodies for anyone to use. Other options exist; this section examines these options.


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