Chapter 3: Combining MCS and Link Budget

Now that we've covered how to determine a link budget, and what a modulation scheme means, it's time to combine the two. This gives you a good idea of what to expect from a wireless link.

To complete a link budget, one requires:

If you peruse the data-sheet for a NanoStation M5, you will learn that it can achieve MCS15 (for full 300 mbit/s encoding rates on a 40 mhz channel; enough to saturate its 100 mbit/s Ethernet port) with a power-level of 17 dBm. It can power-up to 23 dBm, but at that rate it can only achieve MCS 11 encoding (120 mbit/s data-rate; 60 mbit/s real world throughput). Therefore, one must factor in the desired speed when calculating a link budget!

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