About WISPtools.net

We've been running Full Stream Wireless in Columbia and Ashland, MO for several years. We setup WISPtools.net to share what we've learned, and help other Wireless Internet Service Providers learn the fundamentals required to offer great service to your area.

Our mission is to de-mystify radio-frequency planning, expand the knowledge-base of WISPs everywhere, and provide industry-leading tower coverage projection, wireless planning and interference mitigation tools.


The WISP industry is growing fast, and as it grows more and more people are learning of the benefits of receiving their Internet across radio systems, rather than conventional ageing cable infrastructure. It's easy to start a Wireless Interent Service Provider [WISP], but hard to make it grow without running into frequency interference, difficulties understanding coverage area, and without having to learn a raft of radio-related terms.

The big idea behind WISPtools.net is to arm WISPs with the knowledge they need to succeed:

We don't want to cannibilize your sales, so we separated this site from our WISP, and won't use your information (or sell it to anyone). We believe that the WISP industry is better served by all pulling together, and sharing our wealth of knowledge and experience.