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Link Appeals against Title II regulation denied

Author: Herbert Wolverson, Posted: Friday, 06-12-15

The court of appeals has rejected an attempt by ISPs to stay the implementation of Title II common carrier net neutrality regulations. The new rules go into effect tomorrow.

Courts Net Neutrality WISPA

Link Ubiquiti PowerBeam/NanoBeam/AC UNII-1/2 activation process

Author: Herbert Wolverson, Posted: Monday, 06-01-15

After a VERY long wait, Ubiquiti have finally made some headway on UNII-1 and DFS approvals for their newer products. They aren't finalized yet, but you can pre-order labels and activation codes from their site at community.ubnt.com.

DFS NanoBeam PowerBeam Rocket AC Ubiquiti UNII-1

Blog Article Review: Netonix WISP Switch Mini WS-6-MINI

Author: Herbert Wolverson, Posted: Wednesday, 05-20-15

We originally intended to do a full, in-depth review with performance measurements – but we found ourselves with an emergency, and rushed it into service. The WISP switch not only survived a trial by fire, but it did so with great aplomb - earning five stars from us.


netonix toughswitch WISP switch

Snippet New Tool: Visibility View-Shed Generator

Author: Herbert Wolverson, Posted: Wednesday, 04-29-15

Have you ever wanted a quick way to see what is visible from a potential tower location? Our Visibility/View Shed Tool can answer your question in seconds. No need to load up slow tools for a quick visibility estimate.

tower coverage viewshed visibility

Snippet More free tools for you: Range Calculator and Antenna Visualizer

Author: Herbert Wolverson, Posted: Tuesday, 04-21-15

We have been busy this week, adding a new Distance Calculator and Antenna Pattern Visualizer to the site. The distance calculator lets you answer the question "how far will my NanoBeam pair reach?", while the antenna visualizer lets you view pattern files online.

antenna free space path loss fspl path loss pattern range

Link Radio Shootout, Part 2: Ubiquiti vs. Mikrotik vs. Mimosa, multiple devices

Author: Herbert Wolverson, Posted: Monday, 04-20-15

Ubiquiti community stalwart eejim has posted the second part of his radio shootout. In this part, he compares the performance of Ubiquiti, Mikrotik and Mimosa AC devices head-to-head, with simulated interference. Ubiquiti once again come out on top.

Mikrotik Mimosa Performance Rocket AC Ubiquiti UBNT

Blog Article RF Planner Beta - Quick Start Guide

Author: Herbert Wolverson, Posted: Monday, 04-20-15

This is intended for the beta-testers of our new RF Planner application, but can serve as an outline of some of our functionality if you are just curious as to what we're cooking up.


Beta Quick-Start RF Planner Tower Coverage

Link Radio Shootout Part 1, Rocket AC Lite vs. Mimosa

Author: Herbert Wolverson, Posted: Saturday, 04-18-15

Regular forum contributor eejim has posted an excellent head-to-head comparison of Rocket AC Lite vs. Mimosa brand radios on the Ubiquiti forums. Well worth a read. On all except the largest channels, Ubiquiti comes out ahead.

Mimosa Rocket AC Lite Ubiquiti UBNT

E-Book Section Chapter 4: Practical Examples

Author: Herbert Wolverson, Posted: Tuesday, 04-14-15

This section takes all of the knowledge from the previous e-book sections, and combines them into real-world link coverage estimations. You now have the tools to understand how RF Planners work, and to get a link up and running.


E-Book Examples Fresnel Zone Fundamentals Link Budget Rocket M5 Ubiquiti UBNT Wireless Internet Service Provider WISP

E-Book Section Chapter 4: Antennas Patterns and Downtilt

Author: Herbert Wolverson, Posted: Tuesday, 04-14-15

A final real-world factor to consider in designing a wireless link is that not all antennas are created equal. Omni-directional antennas cover all directions, while sector antennas may only cover a 60 degree swathe of countryside. Additionally, how far up (or down) you point your antenna can make a huge difference. This section will discuss antenna patterns, downtilt, and how to use them to your advantage.


Antenna Patterns Directional Antenna Downtilt E-Book Fundamentals Omni Radio Mobile Wireless Internet Service Provider WISP